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magnetic drive pump

  • magnetic drive pump
  • sealness drive pump
  • API685 pump
  • Product description: magnetic drive pump


Chemical Plant / Petroleum / Oil Refinery / Power Plant / Paper Pulp / Pharmaceutical Industries


Corrosive and Non-Corrosive Fluid without Particle


Flow: 1-400m3 / h (4~1760 US GPM)

Heads: ≤ 125 m (410 FT)

Temperature: -20 --- 120 ℃ (-4~248 ℉)

Power: ≤ 160 kW (≤215 HP)

Pressure: 2.5 Mpa (≤363 PSI)

Model Description:

Non-contacted magnetic drived rotors

Leakage Free

Easy Maintenance

Casing Gasket Fully Confined to Eliminate ‘Blowout’ Risk

Easy Fixing and Minimal Downtime

Designed to be easier use pump with self-cooling system

Simple integrated structure

Higher effective and reliable

Low noise, turbulence and space occupation

Structural Features:

Single-Stage Pump

Axial Input /Radical Output

Standard Suspension Structure Design

Foot Support

Closed Impeller Structure

Clockwise Rotation (from the view of motor side)