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Conical Screw Mixer

  • Conical Screw Mixer
Conical Screw Mixer

Conical Screw Mixer

  • big volume
  • no leakage and no Residual
  • Product description: Conical Screw Mixer

Conical Screw Mixer is is widely used to mix powder-powder, power-liquid, especially for fine powder, fiber or chip-shaped materials.

Application :

lithium battery, Activated carbon, dyestuff, fertilizer, agricultural chemicals, gelatin, pharmaceutical ,food

Standard Features:

• Volume: 100-30000L

• Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel

• Screw agitator for center discharge

• Designed for normal temperature and normal atmospheric pressure

• Feed Nozzle

• Dust Nozzle

• Manually operated or Pneumatic operated dislocated valve

• Packing Seal

• Safety limit switch on man hol

Optional Features:

• Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316L

• Internal pressure

• Sanitary type construction

• Dislocated valve, butterfly valve, slide gate valve, ball valve

• Horsepower to suit higher density materials

• Explosion-proof motors

• Controls such as variable frequency drives, motor starters and operator stations are available

• Spray nozzles for liquid introduction

• Jacket for heating or cooling