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belt conveyer Permanent magnet synchronous motor

  • belt conveyer Permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Product description: belt conveyer Permanent magnet synchronous motor

With the development of modern industry, belt conveyors have gradually become the main equipment for bulk material handling. The belt conveyor is developing in the direction of long distance and large volume. Its structural form is also developing towards complex diversification. The driving method has also evolved from a single point drive in the past to a multi-point drive. As the configuration power increases, problems such as reliable operation and reduced maintenance become more prominent. The main technical development trends of current belt conveyors are as follows:

• Heavy load start technology

• ● The frequency conversion soft start technology is adopted, the starting current is small, and the belt conveyor is slowly accelerated.

• ● Vector control permanent magnet motor achieves high torque output and power balance

• ● Ensure that the tape does not slip, improve the tape tension, avoid tearing tape, and damage the equipment.

• Lower brake technology

• ● The four-quadrant control system is used to achieve energy-saving feeding.

• ● Using the counter torque generated when the rotor of the motor reaches the synchronous speed, the brake function is realized. Automatic tensioning technology

• ● Real-time monitoring of tape tension

• Fast response and high control accuracy

• ● The tape tension is automatically adjusted according to the actual working conditions.

• Electronic control monitoring automation technology

• ● Master-slave control, connecting the direct connect drive, drum drive and tensioning system into a complete system

• ● The system monitors in real time to achieve functions such as power balance, automatic tensioning, and lower brake.

• ● Simple operation, excellent performance, high reliability and basically maintenance-free.

• According to the main technical development trend of belt conveyors, S&l proposed a new type of belt conveyor drive system solution with permanent magnet frequency conversion technology as the core. Compared with the traditional driving device, the permanent magnet variable frequency drive system has many advantages such as compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable operation, reliable operation, good sealing performance, small space occupation and convenient installation. As a driving part of belt conveyors and lifting equipment, it is widely used in mining, coal, port, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electricity, food and transportation.

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