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magnetic drive pump

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  • Product description: magnetic drive pump

CQB series pump is a horizontal, seal-less centrifugal magnetic drive pump, compliant with ISO/ASME/ANSI sealless pump standard for general emission-free services.

Operating Range

Flow: 7to 120m3/hr; 31 to 528 GPM

Head: 22 to 50m; 22 GPM to 164 feet

Temperature: -20 °C to +100 °C;-4 to 212 °F


Corrosive, pure and contaminated media in the chemical, pharmaceutics and petrochemical industries, in metal processing, waste water treatment;

. When stainless steel is not sufficiently resistant;

. An alternative to expensive haste alloy, titanium alloy pumps;

. When anti-adhesive surfaces are important.

Pumping Liquid

1. Acid and caustic liquid

2. Oxidizer corrosive liquids

3. Difficult-to-seal liquids

4. Sulfuric acid

5. Hydroelectric acid

6. Nitric acid

7. Acid and lye

8. Nitromuriatic acid